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Twin Creek Consulting is 
focused on delivering strategic, quality advice to assist small business owners and nonprofits.

Twin Creeks Consulting was created to help nonprofits and owners of small businesses.  We are built to assist organizations as they navigate an ever changing landscape in an increasingly digital world with proven growth strategies and marketing expertise.   


In our work over the past ten years, two important decisions every company we have worked with faced are the types of technology they leverage and who they choose to work with as a partner. These decisions impact their development efforts, communication strategies, marketing strategies, contract due diligence and ultimately the bottom line. In my career, I've been fortunate to work with some outstanding marketing and nonprofit executives.  I'm grateful a few of my favorites are on our team.


                                                       -Carl Mullins, Founder and Principal


Carl Mullins

Principal and Digital Marketing Lead

Jon Farr

VP, Nonprofits

Carl has worked in the marketing and content industries since 1995.  He has led the financial turnaround of multiple content based businesses. As president of a consumer media company, he led robust organic growth as well as strategic and due diligence efforts for four acquisitions. He has also launched five products, print and digital, that all reached profitability within three years.


mobile: (512) 992-8176

Jon Farr worked in local and  regional leadership roles for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America for over 25 years. In 2014, he established Farr Better Results, a nonprofit consultancy to share his experience with local nonprofits. He also serves as a nonprofit specialist for a digital marketing agency, adamplifi Digital Marketing. adamplifi.com


mobile: (940) 736-6790

Becki Goss

VP, Marketing

Becki Goss has an accomplished career in marketing, with over 16 years designing and delivering successful campaigns and growth initiatives for both emerging and mature businesses in consulting and executive management roles. With her customer-centric focus, Becki brings experience on brand strategy, product development, communications and PR. 


mobile: (617) 851-3767

Lance Spracklen

Business Optimization Specialist

With 16 years of Business Optimization experience as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB), I've helped my clients save over $8M annually through a comprehensive, standardized approach to cost reductions. After spending years building Continuous Improvement Programs for Fortune 500 companies, I found a greater need to help small organizations optimize systems and reduce expenses.


(512) 354-4607

Director, Nonprofits

Laurie Graham

Laurie worked for local nonprofits in development roles for over 10 years. She excels in grant research, grant writing and has helped execute numerous capital campaigns and fund raising events.


mobile: (817) 454-1034